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The end of Securing Liberty

I am sorry to say that this blog is at an end. You have probably noticed that the blog has not been updated for a while, this is because IDEA UK is moving office but at the same time we are changing roles, and I am to do much less content work. 

Chinese intelligence had access to Australian MPs emails for up to a year

With the US having been the center of attention when it comes to snooping on people of late it is good to be reminded that they are hardly the only ones who are at it. The United States was snooping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel among others, the Chinese have at the very least been snooping on the Australian government.

Putin calls the internet a CIA project

This is patently ridiculous it is clearly a NSA project… joking aside Russia’s President Putin has said that the internet is a CIA project that the agency is continuing to develop. This seems unlikely; why would the internet be so chaotic if the CIA created it? Why would it be so open to abuse and criminality?

Droning On: The Rise of Remote Piloted Flying

drones get mentioned enough on this blog - both the military aspects and other uses of drones - that I dont think this infographic needs any explanation. It does however nicely capture much of the discussion on drones, with the exception of questions of privacy and legalities.

Obama should take the CIA torture report out of CIA hands

I have already mentioned that the Senate intelligence committee’s decision a couple of weeks ago to declassify some of its study on torture and that the CIA are doing the declassification which makes the exercise rather suspect.

Should the Supreme Court be involved in deciding the legal standard for holding Guantanamo detainees?

The answer from the Supreme Court itself is no. The court has declined to hear the case of Abdul Al Qader Ahmed Hussain one of the Yemeni’s still held in the camp. In 2008 the Supreme  Court said that the inmates could make habeas corpus petitions therefore demanding a meaningful review process. This case was arguing that the reviews have not been very meaningful.

NYPD ends spying on Muslims

The New York Police Department has for more than a decade been running a ‘Zone Assessment Unit’ which has in reality meant mounting surveillance on Muslims and the places they live and work such as mosques, restaurants and student associations. This was often done through informants.

Guantanamo trial stalls over camp writings

Judge James Pohl has recessed the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed over the publication of his writings while in prison by Channel 4. [quote=Miami Herald]defense lawyers accused the FBI in open court of trying to turn a defense team security officer into a secret informant.

The Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

The Guardian (US - I presume the Guardian as a whole is not eligible the Pulitzer being a US award) and the Washington Post have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service for their work on the Snowden revelations [quote=Pulitzer]Awarded to The Washington Post for its revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, marked by autho

Might time be running out to close Guantanamo?

Considering that it has been looking more and more likely that Guantanamo may soon be closed; the administration has been making more positive noises over the last year with renewed promises and even Congress has been dialling back its opposition, it comes as something of a surprise that ThinkProgress is telling us “Time May Be Running Out To Lift The Guantanamo Transfer Ban&rdqu

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